The Story of World Religions

The Story of World Religions

Hinduism. Buddhism. Religions of China and Japan. Judaism. Christianity. Islam.
Language: English
Layout: more than 250 illustrations, four-color throughout, hardcover
Pages: 120
Size: 27 x 29,5 cm/11,75 x 8,25 inches

Price: 7,95 €
7,99 £
12,99 $

ISBN: 978-3-8480-0640-3
This volume retraces the story of major world religions from the antique times to our days, with numerous illustrations and excursuses about religious leaders and events. An ideal textbook for students and for anyone interested to know more about world religions.
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Table of Contents

Hinduism or Brahmanism
Basic Concept and Distinctive Features
The Religious History of Hinduism
The Holy Scriptures
The Teaching
The Different Ideas of God
The Hindu Pantheon
The World View of Hinduism

The Original Teachings
The Life of Buddha
The Teachings of Early Monastic Buddhism
Hinayana: The Ancient School of Wisdom
Mahayana: The New Scholl Wisdom
Further Developments of Buddhism
Tantric or Magical Buddhism
Developments of Buddhism Outside India

The Religions of China
Chinese Universality

The Religions of Japan
Buddhism in Japan

God and His People: Revelation and the Covenant
The Jewish Concept of God
The Jewish View of Man
The Torah
Jewish Life
Eschatology and Messianic Expectations
The History of the People of Israel

The Christian Concept of God
The Christian View of Mankind
Jesus and the Early Days of the Church
Christianity up to the Reformation
The Reformation
Christianity from the Enlightenment to the Present Day
Christian Splinter Churches and Sects

Mohammed and the Prophets
The Koran: Allah’s Message
Doctrine and Religious Life
Islamic Law
Further Developments of Islam and Islamic Culture
The Politics and History of Islam
The Shi’ites: Life in Expectancy of the Imam
Modern Islam



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