The Story of Architecture

The Story of Architecture

From Antiquity to the Present
Language: English
Layout: more than 250 illustrations, four-color throughout, hardcover
Pages: 120
Size: 21 x 29,5 cm/11,75 x 8,25 inches

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ISBN: 978-3-8480-0415-7
This volume retraces the story and development of architecture from the antique times to our days, with numerous illustrations and excursuses about major architects, theoricians and movements. An ideal textbook for students and for anyone interested to know more about architecture.
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Table of Contents

Antiquity and Early Christianity
Architecture in Ancient Egypt
Classical Greece and Hellenism
The architecture of the Roman Empire
Early Christian and Byzantine architecture

From Muhammed to the fall of Granada
The great Ottoman era

The Romanesque Period
Carolingian and Ottonian architecture
The High Romanesque period under the Salians and Hohenstaufens
Alternatives to Imperial Architecture

Classical cathedral Gothic in France
The Gothic style in England
The Gothic style in Germany
The Gothic style in Italy

Florence and the Early Renaissance
High and Late Renaissance (Mannerism)
The Renaissance north of the Alps

baroque and Rococo
The emergence of the Baroque in Italy
Palaces and Gardens in France
The Baroque in Germany and the Rococo
England and the trend towards Classicism

Enlightenment and revolution architecture
Classicism as state architecture

Historicism and Industrial Architecture
Industrial architecture
The Chicago School

The First Half of the 20th Century
The search for a new form
International Style or Rationalism

The Second Half of the 20th Century
The triumph of modern architecture
Sculptural architecture
High-tech architecture

List of Architects
Picture Credits


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