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European Royal Houses

Calour & Relax
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Language: Bilingual - German/English
Layout: Softcover, over 20 illustrations and 20 photographs, four-color throughout
Pages: 96
Size: 23 x 30 cm/ 11 3/4 x 9 in

Price: 9,95 €
9,95 £
12,99 $

ISBN: 978-3-7415-2021-X
Discover the compelling world of the most famous royal houses in European history. With a selection of over 20 of the greatest royals from every corner of the European continent, this coloring book is ideal for anyone who wants to take a break from everyday life, chill out, and have a short and concise history lesson at the same time.
The fascinating description of each royal house is presented through compact, detailed, and exciting stories. From Napoleon I of France to Catherine II of Russia, the reigns of the kings and queens gathered in this fabulous coloring book, have shaped Europe and influenced many generations of Eurpean nations.
On the whole, this book is perfect for those who whish to switch off, grab a crayon, and let their imagination take over.

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