A Guy’s Guide to Style

A Guy’s Guide to Style

Language: English
Layout: more than 350 illustrations, four-color throughout, hardcover , ribbon
Pages: 240
Size: 12,2 x 18 cm/7 x 4,75 inches

Price: 14,95 €
14,99 £
24,99 $

ISBN: 978-3-8480-0028-9
Bernhard Roetzel’s Guy’s Guide to Style illustrates the basic, generally appropriate and long-term fundamentals of a good fashion style for every man, and gives practical tips for all situations from business meetings and festive occasions to recreational activities. Outfit examples assist with the right combinations of clothing. The Guy’s Guide to Style thus will actually be a style advisor and should be in every men’s pocket.

Table of Contents


Which rules still apply?

What do we mean by “business?”
The suit is the key
The custom of the country
The businessman in summer
Quality check when purchasing a suit
The business trip
Custom-made suits for the office
The business shirt
Collar designs
The best collars at a glance
Shirts and their fabrics: a glossary of terms
A custom-made business shirt
The necktie
The necktie: what it signals and what the dress code says
Some facts about silk
The four-in-hand
The Prince Albert knot
The small knot
Neckties: three ways to make a necktie
The dress handkerchief
The basic looks
Overcoats and jackets
Getting the right fi t and alterations

Formal wear
Dress codes for special occasions
Morning dress
The tuxedo
Evening dress or tails
The bow tie
An alternative to the tuxedo
Wedding suits

Cool and casual
The T-shirt
The polo shirt
Summer looks
Jackets and windbreakers
Leather jackets
Hats and caps
Knitwear: the basics
Functional fibers

What we need
Choosing the correct business wardrobe
The basic business essentials
Smart-casual essentials

It’s all about looking good
The human body and the golden ratio
Different types of fi gure
Combining colors and patterns
The most important color groups
The right necktie
Color and type

The main styles
The loafer
Business shoes
Cowboy boots
Shoes: how they are made
Superga or Converses? Chic or rock ’n’ roll?
Sturdy models
Thongs or flip flops
How a custom-made shoe is made
A glossary of shoe terms

How to buy efficiently
Fabrics: the basics
Fabrics for suits
Spinning and weaving
Under the microscope: quality control
Finishing: the fabric is completed
What do we mean by “hand-made?”
Spend to save

FAQs on belts
What socks are made of
Do not look into my eyes
Bags for men
What a watch reveals
Cuff links

Cleaning and care
Basic rules for suit care
An ABC of stain removal
How to wash shirts correctly
Brilliant result
The correct way to clean shoes
How to care for your necktie

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What the press says:

“This deceptively compact book is chockablock with some of the best and most detailed information for those curious about men’s style and what exactly defines it. […] One would have to say that this book would be a fabulous primer for those just starting out in the world of fashion and those who would like to
establish an evolving personal style.”
New York Journal of Books, April 17, 2014

“The book with 240 pages with more than 350 illustrations, is written like a friend you ask for advice. […] ‘A Guy’s Guide to Style’ sounds like another must have for our personal library, and we can’t wait to see it later this month.”
Review: A Guy’s Guide to Style
Another Something & Co., April 12, 2014


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