Vegan Smoothies

Vegan Smoothies

Natural and Energizing Drinks for All Tastes
Language: English
Layout: more than 60 illustrations, four-color throughout, hardcover
Pages: 144
Size: 17 x 24 cm/9,5 x 6,75 inches

Price: 12,95 €
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ISBN: 978-3-8480-0715-8
Make your life even greener and healthier with Vegan Smoothies by food expert Eliq Maranik! No matter if you have smoothies for breakfast, during your lunch break, or just as a fruity afternoon treat, the recipes of vegan smoothies collected in this book will not only bring you all benefits of a vegan diet—energizing; strengthening; calming; brain and immunity boosting; healthy heart; anti-aging and vitality—they will also add some tasty pleasure to your wellness program throughout all seasons. With abundant tips on ingredients and their health benefits accompanying the well-balanced recipes, this book is set to be your favorite kitchen companion. Whether you are a health-conscious vegan already or want to start getting into delicious and filling vegan smoothies, this book is ideal, and all you need.

Table of Contents



Getting started
Choosing your fruit and vegetables
Ripe or unripe
Rinse off sprays
To peel or not to peel
Preparing and freezing fruit
Blender or juicer
Organically grown fruit
Ethylene gas
Be creative
Why make your own smoothies?
Bought smoothies
Serving and decorating

The utensils you will need
Useful equipment

Tips and advice
Boost the nutritional content
Toning down the flavor
Enhancing the flavor
Thinner smoothies
Thicker smoothies
Smoother smoothies
Chilled smoothies
Popsicles made from smoothies
Serve immediately
Create your own recipes

A guide to fruit and vegetables
Frozen fruit and berry fruit
Dried fruit
Preserved fruit
Berry powder

Give your smoothie a boost
Superfoods and super berries
Nut butter
Protein powde5r
Healthy oils
Nutritious flavorings
Liquid bases
Nuts and seeds
Make your own nut milk

Smoothie recipes
Light & fruity smoothies
Rich & creamy smoothies
Green smoothies


Index of recipes


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