Detox Smoothies

Detox Smoothies

Lose Weight With Smoothies and Juices
Language: English
Layout: more than 60 illustrations, four-color throughout, hardcover
Pages: 144
Size: 17 x 24 cm/9,5 x 6,75 inches

Price: 12,95 €
12,95 £
19,99 $

ISBN: 978-3-8480-0882-7
Detoxing your body while boosting your natural energy has never been more delicious! This book by smoothie expert Eliq Maranik is packed with many healthy recipes and easy step-by-step instructions on how to detox and lose weight with green smoothies. The detoxing power of those natural goodies lies within the leaching out of fattening toxins from your body, while boosting your metabolism, taking in valuable nutrients, and burning fat more effectively. By the way, you can buy all ingredients at your local grocery store and even your family can benefit from a healthier nutrition. Whether you are a detox-pro or just crave a healthier lifestyle, this book will be a delight for you.

Table of Contents


What is a detox?
Kickstart to a healthy lifestyle
Toxins and waste products
Help your body to cleanse itself
Do you need a detox?
How long and how often should you detox?
Preparing for a detox
A few tips before you start your detox
Common side effects
What to do after your detox

What to eat when you are detoxing
Fruit and vegetables
For the pantry
For the refrigerator
Animal products
Things to avoid

Other detox tips
Start your day with lemon water
Activated charcoal
Sauna bathing
Detox bathing
Psyllium husks
Dry-brushing your skin
Colonic irrigation

Buying and handling fruit and vegetables
Choose vegetables, fruit, and berries with care
Buy organic
Wash and scrub
To peel or not to peel
Serve immediately

Choosing your juicer and blender

Boosting your juice or smoothie
Berry powders
Superfoods and superberries
Protein powders
Beneficial oils
Nut butters
Nuts and seeds

Nut, seed, and oat milk

On sprouts and sprouting at home

Green and red juices and smoothies

Wellness shots

Nut shakes and filling smoothies

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