Dairy Delights

Dairy Delights

The Home Creamery
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Pages: 168
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Milk is also called the “white gold,” which pays tribute to its vital importance in our nutrition. From the milking process to the most elaborate milk products, Dairy Delights will tell you everything you need to know about milk, butter, yogurt, kefir, crème fraîche, quark, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, and other delicious dairy products you can easily prepare yourself. Variants of all basic recipes will guide you to create original dairy dishes to share in the family circle or with friends. In addition, 80 salty and sweet recipes based on dairy products are described step-by-step and abundantly illustrated.

Table of Contents


Milk throughout history
The origins of dairy processing
The emergence of dairies

The basic ingredient – milk, white gold
All about milk production
Our milk – highly sensitive product and all-rounder
Sheep’s, goat’s. and other types of milk
Feature: Grass-fed milk – natural milk for high-quality cheese
Processing milk at home

Yogurt – health from the kitchen
On everyone’s lips
Significant health benefits
All about yogurt-making
Homemade yogurt
Feature: Kefir – wellness from the Caucasus

Butter and cream – a taste sensation
Butter – historical and valuable
Butter and cream – some interesting facts
Other cream products
Homemade butter
Feature: Butter art – wooden molds

Quark – fresh cheese made easy
1001 types of cheese – from fresh to hard
The lowdown on quark
All about production
Homemade quark
Feature: The alpine pastures of my childhood – dairy farming then and now

Soft cheese – quick and varied
Soft cheese – an overview
Fresh soft cheese – here’s how
Fresh homemade soft cheese
Feature: Whey for health and beauty

Good things take time – semihard and hard cheese
Aged cheese
The long road to aged cheese
Semihard and hard cheese in the kitchen
Feature: Visiting the cheese sommelier
Homemade semihard cheese
Feature: A visit to a typical Bavarian local dairy

At a glance – basic equipment, checklist, quick recipes with step.by-step photos

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