Cocktail Guide for Connoisseurs

Cocktail Guide for Connoisseurs

Language: English
Layout: more than 300 illustrations, four-color throughout, hardcover, ribbon
Pages: 224
Size: 12,2 x 18 cm/7 x 4,75 inches

Price: 14,95 €
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ISBN: 978-3-8480-0692-2
This compact guide is dedicated to the cocktail in its various facets. The author and leading wine and spirits expert André Dominé not only presents more than 100 lavishly illustrated cocktail recipes, but also goes into the history, development and preparation of these popular drinks as well as their ingredients. A wealth of valuable tips, for example on the basic equipment for your personal bar, the right choice of glasses, mixing technique, and garnishes help you to perfect your own cocktail. Finally, insights into the most beautiful bars in the world round off this standard book for all cocktail lovers.

Table of Contents


From al-kuhl to cocktail
For a special occasion
Fine for a time
To your good health?
Spirit and intellect: the distillation idea
Remedy and indulgence
Distillation: classic
Distillation: modern
Elixirs and profits
Everyday alcohol
Modern style

Location bar
Barely respectable
Old expatriate bars
Exotically seductive
Unmistakably Cuban
Obviously famous
Chic bars
Ever changing bars
Cool and clinical
Highly approachable
Philippe Starck’s bars

Behind the bar
Getting started
The tools of the trade
Measuring out
Mixing and shaking
Ice for the bar
Fruit juices
Soft drinks and waters
Sugar, syrup, etc
Basic techniques
Garnishing and serving
The mise-en-place

Cocktails and drinks
From highball to pick-me-up
Inspirational: bitter aperitifs
Inspirational: champagne cocktails
Inspirational: Manhattan
Classic: sours
Classic: martinis and gin drinks
Classic: multitalents
Classic: vodka
Absolut quality
Classic: shooters and short drinks
Classic: legends
Refreshing: classic long drinks
Refreshing: highballs
Refreshing: fizzes and Collinses
Refreshing: fizzes
Refreshing: daisies and crustas
Refreshing: juleps and smashes
Fruity: sangría and cold punches
Fruity: bowls
Fruity: coolers and cobblers
Tropical: daiquiris
Tropical: sunrises
Tropical: margaritas and coladas
How to drink tequila
Tropical: margaritas
Tropical: coladas
Tropical: Caribbean punches and swizzles
Tropical: cachaça drinks
Tropical: mocktails with a dash
Whimsical: molecular drinks
Whimsical: spicy drinks and fancies
Invigorating: flips
Invigorating: eggnogs
Invigorating: pick-me-ups
Salubrious: after-dinner drinks
Salubrious: sweet drinks
Salubrious: pousse-cafés
Heated: hot punches, slings, and toddies
Heated: hot coffee drinks
Virgin: (non-alcoholic) drinks
Virgin: mocktails
Virgin: exotic lemonades
Virgin: smoothies
Virgin: mixed milk drinks

Index of cocktails


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