Garden and Countryside Delights
Language: English
Layout: more than 250 illustrations, four-color throughout, hardcover
Pages: 184
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ISBN: 978-3-8480-0806-3
Few kinds of fruit taste as naturally fresh and sweet as wild berries—and afford so many health benefits! This book is a feast for berry lovers, whether they enjoy growing them in their garden or eating them in salads, cakes, and other succulent recipes. The author shares his experience and knowledge about growing, collecting, and preserving berries, their history and the positive influence berries may have on our health. More than 30 species of culinary berries and berrylike fruits are presented in details, with pictures and gardening tips (protecting berries from birds; how to water berries).

Table of Contents


What exactly are “berries”?
Berries in history
The berry harvest
Preparing and preserving berries
Immunity through berries
Growing berries yourself

Berries from the garden
Strawberries – everybody’s favorite
Blackberries – sweet, black bundles
Currants – diversity in red, white, and green
Black currants – cassis and more
Gooseberries – furry outside, sweet inside
Jostaberries – juicy and sour
Raspberries – a heavenly snack
Japanese wineberry – tasty, yet unknown
May berries – a fine spring treat
Ornamental splendor – the chokeberry
Flowering quince – a treat in every sense
Figs – the divine fruit
Bilberries – from the garden and the woods
Lingonberries – sweet or savory
Cranberries – American power berries!
Goji berries – the anti-aging fruit
Schisandra – five flavors, one berry
Kiwis – refreshing and invigorating
Table grapes – a princely pleasure

Berries from the wild
Sea buckthorn – a bountiful harvest
Barberries – tart and healthy
Mahonia – the Native American berry
Elderberries – trendy berries
Juniper – a conifer with berries
Hawthorn – the heart berry
Rose hip – “little man in the red coat”
The cornelian cherry – Turkish to Viennese delight
Sloeberries – the wild, thorny ones
Snowball berries – from the country garden
Serviceberries – a delight for the eyes and palate
Silverberries – decorative and aromatic
Medlars – headstrong, with character
Harvest calendar

Recommended varieties



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