Ars Sacra

Ars Sacra

Christian Art and Architecture of the Western World from the Very Beginning Up Until Today
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Language: English
Layout: 1100 illustrations, four-color throughout, hardcover with jacket, 2 ribbons
Pages: 800
Size: 25 x 38 cm/15 x 9,8 inches

Price: 99 €
99 £
125 $

ISBN: 978-3-8480-0895-7
Ars Sacra is a unique tribute to 2000 years of Christian art, architecture and spirituality. This glorious tome takes the reader on a tour through seventeen centuries of sacral art, architecture, and culture, from the late antiquity to the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau to works by contemporary artists such as Marc Chagall and Gerhard Richter. As an opulent feast of the senses, this volume impresses with the detail views specifically fitted for the format. The viewer comes within grasp of the displayed objects, often even closer than in reality, and can leisurely indulge in the details. Authoritatively written texts take the reader on a tour through the epochs and highlight the specific changes in the sacral art, architecture, and culture.
What the press says:

“The book is a monumental survey of 1,700 years of Christian art, and it stirs a longing to hit the road and see these sublime works and buildings first-hand. […] For anyone whose travels include stops to look at sacred art, ‘Ars Sacra’ will be a godsend.”
Wall Street Journal, May 07, 2011


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